New Customers

  1. Determine whom you want to be a part fo your Family and decide on a plan: 2GB 4G LTE High-Speed Data | $30/mo. Or Unlimited GiGs
    TIP: All members must be on the same plan as the Primary.

  2. Each member individually activates his/her new phone and selects the monthly plan that the Primary line has decided on.If you are a Secondary line, once you reach the Payment page, select the Add Money later option.
    TIP: Provide the Primary line with your new phone number so he/she can send you an invitation.

    If you are the Primary line, once you reach the Payment page, pay for the total amount of all lines in your family.

    See what you need to pay

    Please wait 5-10 minutes after making a payment and then login to My Account on and select Create a Family.

    Enter each Secondary line’s Boost Mobile phone number and click invite. A free text message will be sent to this person informing him/her of the invitation. He/she can then login to My Account and select Accept.