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    Why Choose Boost

    Our Armed Forces

    We’re so grateful for the service provided by those in our military. To help deployed military personnel in our armed forces, Boost Mobile allows service men and women to keep their accounts and phone numbers intact while deployed overseas.

  • while deployed

    Keep your phone number

    Dealing with mobile phone payments is the last thing you should be concerned with when preparing to leave. While enrolled in the Boost Mobile Deployed Military Program, no service charges will be incurred and no reactivation fees will be applied when the account is restored.

  • We cover you nationwide

    Boost offers true nationwide service on the Nationwide Sprint® Network. That means a dependable network with no roaming charges and fewer dropped calls.

  • Discounts when calling abroad

    With International Connect, your friends and family can stay in touch with you in almost every place you’re deployed without overpaying.